27432 Aliso Creek Road, 1st Floor, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Call Us For An Appointment: (949) 448-0872
27432 Aliso Creek Road, 1st Floor, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Call Us For An Appointment: (949) 448-0872


The Pilates Shoppe is a full-service equipment based Pilates studio located within Aliso Viejo Physical Therapy in south Orange County, California. We specialize in small group reformer classes for fitness as well as specialized private and semi-private Pilates sessions for all ages and abilities.
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  • Went to Saturday morning class with Cory. It was my first Pilates reformer class after surgery. Cory was very warm and inviting (her class was full of regulars) and she ensured I was doing ok during each exercise. For those of you that have been wanting to try Pilates reformer, I highly recommend going here. It’s a killer workout in a supportive environment. Plus they have great deals on classes.

    Jenn G.
    Laguna Beach
  • I have been going to The Pilates Shoppe for about 6 years. I worked out consistently prior to adding pilates to my schedule, but once I started doing reformer classes my body never looked better! If you can go two or three times a week you will certainly see a difference and feel amazing! Even if you have had prior injuries or limitations, this is a workout you can still do and see results. I usually take Jen’s class, but the other instructors are very good too. Well worth the investment!

    JR E.
    Laguna Beach
  • Last June I was searching for a new Pilates studio and started trying every studio I could find in South County. I’ve been doing Pilates for about 5 years now and have become a bit picky in what I want from a studio and an instructor….lucky for me, The Pilates Shoppe was exactly what I was searching for! Clean studio, professional instructors (all with different styles so you’ll never get bored), ample equipment and several convenient class times. They really care about your safety too – I have neck spasms and sciatica and need to modify exercises. Every instructor has taught me modifications so I don’t aggravate the injury (not every studio in OC does this). Take a chance and try The Pilates Shoppe….you’ll be hooked!

    Kendra C.
    Laguna Beach
  • I started going to the Pilates Shoppe after rehabbing my injured back at AVPT. The Pilates Shoppe is a great place to gain strength and flexibility. The instructors are top notch and reliable. With the help of The Pilates Shoppe I am gaining confidence my back troubles are over.

    Robert W.
    Mission Viejo
  • The Pilates Shoppe is great! The instructors are amazing and each class is an incredible workout. The small classes allow the instructors to provide individulaized instruction. The class times can fit any schedule. I love my workouts at The Pilates Shoppe.

    Mindy D.
    Aliso Viejo
  • Great instructors. I have lost two dress sizes. Also, I have back and neck problems and they vastly improve while doing pilates. Great location and atmosphere. Would recommend this to any age level. GREAT!

    Barbara D.
    Trabuco Canyon
  • My wife and I starting going to get in shape for our wedding and have not stopped since. We go 3 to 4 days a week and absolutely love it. The Pilates Shoppe has a total of 4 A+ instructors all of which are super cool and well versed in Pilates.
    If you have never tried reformer Pilates and you are a bit shy about it like I was they also offer private classes and semi privates (2 people). The group classes will hold up to 6 people. They also offer physical therapy which works hand in hand with the Pilates classes. I have only had a chance to work with Dr. Tim and he is top notch. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!

    Jon H.
    Laguna Woods
  • I started pilates while I was in PT for a back/neck injury. Since then, I have been released from PT and feeling amazing. The instructors are so accommodating and always help you modify! The strength I’ve gained in only a few months is incredible! Cory and Jen are both so fun and their workouts are amazing! Additionally, the environment and people are just so awesome and welcoming! I never thought I’d love working out so much! I brag about this studio to everyone. I highly, highly recommend trying out this studio!

    Tammy D.
    Mission Viejo
  • Amazing instructors, great equipment and clean, beautiful facility. Cory’s 8 am is sculpting my Abs back to when I was in high school!!! I love it!!!

    Michelle G.
    Dana Point
  • I really enjoy my classes at the Pilates Shoppe. Jen is great to work with and very knowledgeable. She pays close attention to how each student is doing and makes accommodations for them if they are struggling. I’m very happy with my experience here.

    Diana O.
    Aliso Viejo
  • I’ve been a client at The Pilates Shoppe for 3 years and I absolutely love it! All of the instructors are excellent and they all give you a fun, challenging workout. They can modify any exercise to suit beginners all the way to advanced students. I do Pilates 2 – 3 times per week here, and I HIGHLY recommend it!

    Lisa P.
    Aliso Viejo
  • I’ve been taking classes at The Pilates Shoppe for over two years. All of the instructors are top-notch and highly experienced. They pay very close attention to each student during the class to ensure that you are using proper form and to prevent injuries. I started taking classes with a lower back injury and the instructors were sensitive to my injury and demonstrated ways that I could modify exercises. Even in a group forum they were able to provide me with individualized attention. My back has gotten so much stronger after taking Pilates classes and I rarely have lower back pain. This is a significant improvement for me.

    Christine O.
    Mission Viejo
  • The best workout ever!! So many times to chose from…i have my own reformer at home but like to drop in for advanced instruction

    Laura B.
    Foothill Ranch
  • Whether you have been practicing Pilates for years or it is your first time The Pilates Shoppe is the place for you! You will literally see your body transform from the inside out. You will feel taller, stronger and more fit. The small intimate setting of the studio make the classes inspiring allowing you to change your body…see ya there!

    Cory R.
    Aliso Viejo
  • Amazing instructors!! Been going to Pilates classes here for years! Alina and Jen are awesome!!

    Parisa S
    Aliso Viejo
  • FABULOUS Classes, I have never looked more forward to working out EVER!!!! I take mostly Cory’s classes, i love her music and her reformer classes. I have never felt like I have had such Individual attention in a class? (With Jen too). I also try to go to ALL of Cory’s Pilates in the Park – what a good cause and a great work out. I keep buying the package with 20 classes because it is a FABULOUS price. Thank you Pilates Shoppe – I believe it is a Hidden secret in Aliso Viejo!

    Dana B.
    Aliso Viejo
  • As a RN preparing for a Total Knee Replacement surgery it was imperative to exercise my knee pre-operatively for a smoother post-op recovery. After contacting a few Pilates centers without responses, I contacted Jen at The Pilates Shoppe and at the end of the business day, Jen booked my pre-surgical one-one sessions. Jen and Kristen were courteous, professional and patient with me as they assisted me in working-outs. My Orthopedic Surgeon was impressed and stated “I could tell you prepared with exercise before surgery”. My post-op recovery is now stable and I am signing up for more one-one personal sessions for Jen and Kristen are very knowledgeable of Total Knee post-op recovery strengthening exercises. I couldn’t be happier with the price paid for personal sessions and service from the Pilates Shoppe and the follow through and professionalism!

    Teresa S.
    Aliso Viejo